Monday, June 24, 2013

Bloom Where You're Planted: Our First Garden

After almost three years of being in our home we finally decided to tackle the largest part of the backyard; the grass.(well the weeds that used to be grass :) 

I have always wanted a garden so we set aside a portion of the yard to build and setup raised garden beds. 
After many hours of  preparing the area, building wood beds, and installing an irrigation system, the garden is complete.

My husband can do just about anything and he did an amazing job. He dialed in the watering system until it was perfect and and worked so hard to ensure that every garden bed was leveled.

This blog Tilly's Nest helped us with the construction of the beds. 

Step 1: Removing old sod/weeds from future garden area.

We watered a little too much :/ so it was a bit muddy 

Matt working on the drip system

Once the first two beds were complete we had a lot of soil left over so we decided to add a 3rd bed. 

After the beds were complete we ordered 5 yards of bark and voila!!! We are are so happy with the results. 

Easy to install EcoBorder edging from Home Depot!

Here's what we planted!! 

Happy Gardening! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Juice Please

In the last year juicing has become a regular thing around our house and I absolutely love it!! Here are some reasons why I think it's so wonderful along with some of my favorite recipes. 
I have the classic Jack LaLanne  Juicer from Costco. 

Facts about juicing taken from The Complete Book of Juicing 

  • Juicing increases your vegetable/fruit intake 
  • Your body gets a break from digesting food
  • Quicker absorption of high quality nutrients 
  • Increased energy levels
  • Weight loss
  • Healthier/Clearer skin  

Usually I don't use a recipe for juicing. Typically I use whatever I have on hand and it always tastes great...well almost always :)  What I had on hand today was 
Swiss Chard, Oranges, Apples, Beets, Carrots and Cucumber. 

Always cut your larger fruits and vegetables so they can fit down the shoot.

The final product is a deliciously nutritious meal

Here are some recipes I have tried and loved. 

2-3 celery Stalks 
1 small cucumber
2 kale leaves 
Handful of fresh parsley 
1 small lemon or lime 
1 pear or apple 

1 beet 
1/2 medium sweet potato
3 carrots 

handful of parsley or wheatgrass
2 granny smith apples 
2 kale leaves
handful of spinach 

1 beet with top
2 kale leaves
1/2 cup broccoli florets with stems
4 carrots
1 apple 

Here's to happy, healthy, juicy future