Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Eats

For Thanksgiving this year I am making 3 dishes to bring to my in laws. They are not super fancy...they are just good eats!! I have never been a good mashed potato maker...weird huh? 
I have wanted to get better at my mashed potato making skills and a friend told me about the Pioneer Woman's recipe! Well I now see my problem, butter I never use enough...I couldn't tell you why either, probably because I wanted to make a healthy for that it's the holidays so I'm going to splurge a little. 

Here are my beautiful super delicious Creamy Mashed Potatoes 
(only thing I did different was I used my Kitchen Aid to mix) 


For my 2nd dish I am making a Pear, Feta, and Walnut Salad with  Costco Poppy Seed Dressing

Third and finally I made a Cheese & Fruit Appetizer. I had all sorts of ideas on what to add and was happy with the final product!!

Brie, Gouda, & Cheddar. Does it get any better? :) 
Apples, Pears, & Grapes 

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with family, friends and lots of good food! 


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