Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Fixer-Upers

Summer has officially come to a close and I found myself reminiscing on all of the projects I was able to complete within the last three months! 

Our back door was getting pretty dingy so I painted it using the same paint I used on our front door last year. 
Cost $0 

Mirror next to the front door, $5.00/garage sale. Here's the before and after.

Next was the biggest project, painting our bathroom cabinets.

New hallway decor
I've had this window for a couple years and finally got it up on the wall! Thanks Matt 

Wheelbarrow planter. This has been sitting around with weeds and dirt all summer. I'm glad I finally got my act together and cleaned it out, circa 1940's 

That's it for my summer fixer-uppers. Hope you enjoyed my frugal-fun updates. 


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  1. Ok - we need to go garage sale-ing together! And thrift store shopping! Love your projects. You have a great sense of color and repurposing!