Thursday, July 19, 2012


Easter is such a special holiday for our family so I was super excited that the hubby and I were able to host. We had a full house a total of 20 guests. It was so much fun decorating and getting ready for all the family. Hosting a large group can get pretty pricey so I got creative to cut our costs. Here are some of my projects that helped keep things classy without breaking the bank.

I headed to one of my favorite thrift stores and got 12 napkins and napkin rings. It didn't take long to wrap them in jute and attach the vintage jewel. I am really happy at how they turned out. 

The napkin rings before are the blue ones top left. 

Free Printable's found on Pinterest

Easter Garland: Made from Scrapbook paper and jute 

I had a lot of fun preparing for all our guests. I hope you had a great Easter celebration as well!
Stay tuned more Easter decor to come.

Have a Smashing Day


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